Tripel Tarot’s mission is to offer a grounded, inclusive and no-fuck’s given approach to the occult and spirituality.

This blog explores the potential of Tarot as a tool to reawaken intuitive intelligence and embrace what is unique and authentic about ourselves with purpose and presence.

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New Moon Energy Prescription

Manifest with the New Moons by understanding what energies are affecting the collective and how to navigate them with ease through journaling, spiritual homework and exercises.

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Pick-a-Card Readings

These general readings on a variety of topics are a fun and easy way to learn to connect to our intuition and it’s feedback so we can gain insight and understanding on a situation at hand and make aligned decisions as a result.

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How to Find the Right Tarot Reader/Teacher for You?

This four-part series touches on the Tarot reading process, styles of reading as well as how to interpret energies. Throughout these articles, I share the insights I have gained on my own intuitive/ Tarot journey and offer some pointers to help you find the resources, guides and teachers who will benefit you the most.

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